Hajime Narukawa Laboratory

Presentation Group Representative : Hajime Narukawa (Graduate School of Media and Governance)
    • Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall
  • A58


Person in Charge of the Project : Mari HommaIt was decided we update the 2m dome of Buckminster Fuller for THE NORTH FACE's 50th anniversary. We wanted to create new tent that a family of four can have a comfortable time while succeeding the method of Fuller, geodesic; making the polyhedron totally triangle, and tensegrity. Further we created the dome tent; GEO DOME4, has features, more a hemisphere, tensegrity structure, poles and sleeve structure.

Tanseisha < Hitodukuri Project >

Person in Charge of the Project : Yuki KatoThis furniture-prototyping project is an on-the job-training program for new employees. Tanseisha is an architecture firm run the program. New employs together with a professional designer design and fabricates furniture in 100 days. A bookshelf, 'Inside Outside' is its consequence. The shelf is designed to be in Hajime Narukawa Laboratory and stores A4 flat-files that is research documents and conceals half of them. The unique geometry was defined for the function.


Furniture and Structure

Person in Charge of the Project : Yuko NinomiyaThis project relates to a practical interior design. A large shelf is its consequence and installed in our laboratory. The shelf was carefully designed according to the lab's student use. Besides students outside the lab participated in Special Research Project. For fitting such large shelf on a wall, we have carefully researched its layout corresponding to the wall's shape. A lightweight structure, Flash-Door applied to the shelf proposes a unique storage way. The project developed its design through modeling and structural-experiments by our hands. The team focused on the quality of how to carry out your idea rather than idea itself.

Graphic Design of World View

Person in Charge of the Project : Hajime NarukawaThe project visualizes our worldview according to individual research on latest global society, geology, global environment and geopolitics. It visualizes the worldview on a new world map projection, AuthaGraph. Each participant research on individual interest and/or hypothesis. We represented it as info-graphics carefully. These graphics ware designed by paying attention to hatching pattern design, graphical layout and font so as to depict the portrait of our world with a few text explanation. The info-graphics designing enables us to discover unknown relationship between two nations which seems to have few connection.


Other Exhibitions



Fumitoshi Kato (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)