Daijiro Mizuno Laboratory

Presentation Group Representative : Daijiro Mizuno (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)
    • Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall
  • A59

Fashion & Technology

Person in Charge of the Project : Kazuya KawasakiFashion Design Since the advent of Haute Couture and Ready Made garments, we have seen various interesting designs in fashion. In addition to this, the 21st Century has been increasingly about Wearable Technology, but not many scholars and designers are aware of the complex issues between what is considered as fashionable and what is considered as wearable. This project speculate on the possible fashionable wearables in the internet/digital fabrication based society.


Urban Pedagogy

Person in Charge of the Project : Kenta TanakaUrban Pedagogy is a user-participatory project for the general citizens to overwhelm the urban space which is our living environment, and to support better city life. Comparing to the traditional unilaterally decided urban planning, this project is attempting to intervene in a tactical city not only from a spatiotemporal point of view but also from a social technical point of view. Based on the activities and practices of the Center for Urban Pedagogy, a non-profit organization developed in New York, we are approaching to various problems in urban centers specifically in Japan - super aging society, multinational immigrants, guest housing for the Olympic Games 2020.

Center Of Innovation

Person in Charge of the Project : Aiko MonoiThis project examines the potential of introducing digital fabrication technologies to the vocational aid centers to create new business opportunities. Digital fabrication can be an effective approach, because users can take roll of designers and manufacturers to make (almost) anything with the aid of digital fabrication machines. Through ethnographic research and study with lawyers to adequately protect the artist copyrights in FAB society, we aim to create sustainable business model by vocational aid center while maintaining the dignity of its users and staffs.


Other Exhibitions



Fumitoshi Kato (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)