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Graduate School of Media and GovernanceTokairin Yuko

The aim of this seminar is to clarify how Life Skills fostered by participating any sports are utilized in the teams and organizations of society and also the factors through the programs such as Gender, Players Communications, Athletes Career, Mental Health, and Conditioning.Covid-19 catastrophe has forced Sports Communities to be changed without any exception and produced the various kinds of changes in the ways of communications and organizations. The goals of this seminar are to hypothesize about how Life Skills are demonstrated especially through sports in this pandemic situation and to set up a variety of programs and building organizations to prove the hypothesis.


  • Tokairin YukoAssociate Professor of Graduate School of Media and Governance
  • Shinohara ArataFaculty of Policy Management
  • Sueno SatokoFaculty of Policy Management
  • Kurashige TakeruFaculty of Environment and Information Studies