Thinking about how to deal with menstruation


Thinking about how to deal with menstruation

Presentation Group:A Month for Me

Faculty of Policy ManagementBaba Wakana

In Japan it is still difficult for women to proactively protect their body. More than 70% of Japanese women are having troubles with menstruation yet take it all on themselves and the usage rate of oral contraceptives remains extremely low. To realize a society where women live with more choices around their own body, in this session we are aiming to provide an opportunity for university students and people around them to think about menstruation which weve been taught is something we should hide or be patient about.


  • Furumoto KahanaKeio University Student
  • Makiguchi Asuka Keio University Student
  • Asanuma SariKeio University Student
  • Hashimoto MiriKeio University Student