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Mutsumi Imai Lab

Presentation Group:Mutsumi Imai Lab

Faculty of Environment and Information StudiesImai Mutsumi

The Mutsumi Imai Lab has been conducting research and activities with the aim of bringing about changes in learning and education in Japan by relying on the learning theory of cognitive science. We have also been conducting workshops to disseminate our findings to a wide range of audiences, not just academics. In this session, I will explain the background of what we know from current research and cognitive science analysis, and then introduce our activities and projects as examples.


  • Furumoto KahanaKeio University student
  • Kitagawa KoshiKeio University student
  • Iwata eijiKeio University student
  • Kusakabe soKeio University student
  • Matsui shungoKeio University student
  • Takechi RyumaKeio University student