Session Number:S-23

S-23 Title TBD

Presentation Group : Miraisozojuku SBC (Student Build Campus)

Presentation Group Representative : Office SBC (-)

21 SAT
16:30 - 18:00 Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall openB

In the hall entrance space of ORF, a workshop named “SBC WORKSHOP@ORF – Create your future campus -“ will be held and this session will be the final presentation and discussion for the project. During the two days in ORF, we will simulate 5 years (2015-2020) how the SFC SBC will grow and develop by hearing and reacting from the idea by the audience and visitors of ORF. We will discuss about the ideal image of SFC SBC campus and will think a better way to develop SBC as an experimental project. All kinds of people are welcome to join this session.


SFC’s parties involved such as students, faculty members, staff members and graduates

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