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Seeds for the Next Century - SFC at 25: Envisioning the world in a hundred years

Early forms of scientific technology, social systems, and industry that are deeply rooted in our daily lives of the 21st century were born as far back as a hundred years ago. As these technologies, systems and industries infiltrated to the world to enrich our lives, complex problems also arose. Today our mission is to disentangle those problems. As we envision the world to the future, it is now our turn to plant a “seed” that will grow into technologies, systems and industries in a hundred years. What is the “seed” we need to plant?

25 years ago, deans at SFC spoke of “Students who can shape the future.” What we learn from this is to think, analyze and solve problems with a futuristic mind, and to always strive to create something new. That something is the “seed” that will grow into technologies, systems and industries of the future. In fact, some “seeds” have flourished and are already changing the world.

This year’s ORF is held during SFC’s 25th Anniversary, and we are passing on the “seed” for the next century from SFC to Roppongi. Let us feel its growth and envision the next hundred years together.

Jin Nakazawa

Chair of ORF2015 Planning Committee / Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

Planning Committee

Chair of Planning Committee

Jin Nakazawa Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

Completed Doctoral Program at Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance in March 2003. Doctor of Media and Governance. Following an appointment as a Project Faculty Member at the same university, has been Associate Professor, Keio University Faculty of Environment and Information Studies since 2013. Conducts research of system software such as ubiquitous systems, middleware systems, and dependable systems. In addition, conducts research, including applied research, in a wide variety of fields such as sensing for smart cities, returning information flow to citizens, web mining, and lifelogging.


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