Premium Session

Session Number:PS-08

Accepting Diversity and Tourism – Inter-Cultural Contacts in Japan –

21 SAT
12:30 - 14:00 Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall openA

In Japan the terms internationalization and globalization were originally mainly perceived as indicating outbound movement.
Individual experiences in foreign countries have led to an increase in intercultural contacts. This tendency is about to change. Inbound tourism has drastically increased, creating chances for domestic intercultural encounters. In this session, we will focus on intercultural contacts and the coping with cultural diversity as currently occurring in Japan. By employing and examining various perspectives, we will attempt to clarify the emerging concept of “internal diversity.”


Teruko Kajikawa

Tokyo City i

Yuki Kuniya

Consultant, Japan Tourism Marketing Co.

Seiji Tsuchimura

Director of Tourism Promotion Section, Kanazawa City Hall (Ishikawa)

Yoshinori Isagai

Executive Director, Keio Research Institute at SFC / Professor, Faculty of Policy Management

Ikumi Waragai

Professor, Faculty of Policy Management

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