Session Number:S-13

Fusion to Spirituality in Progression of Science & Technology

Presentation Group : Research Laboratory for Patientology

Presentation Group Representative : Shinzo Kato (Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care)

20 FRI
18:20 - 19:50 Tokyo Midtown Tower 4F Conference room6

The progress of science and technology has brought a big change in the everyday life and work, the industry and the education. Rather than the pursuit of expansion and future growth, it is needed to form a society of steady type or a sustainable society. Although the new society is largely unknown, the revival of community in a society, and to review the spirituality has been required. For the fusion of the spirituality and the science and technology, we would like to raise problems from areas such as health care, global environment and education, and to consider future society.


Noriyuki Ueda

Professor, Center for Liberal Arts, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Masaya Kobayashi

Professor, Faculty of Law, Politics & Economics, Chiba University

Shinzo Kato

Professor, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care

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