Planning number:B05

Yasuto Nakanishi Lab

Presentation Group Representative : Yasuto Nakanishi (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)

Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall B05

FaceShadowing (Futuroid#1)

Person in Charge of the Project:Yasuto Nakanishi

We propose a system that utilizes image processing and generates an intermediate face between a learner and a teacher in second language learning with shadowing. It utilizes image processing.

TracePlayer (Futuroid#2)

Person in Charge of the Project:Yasuto Nakanishi

This project proposes a new type of training system especially with mimicking. Our current prototype focuses on dribble in football, and consists of a tape on a floor that visualizes an experts' trace and a line trace robot using color sensors.


Person in Charge of the Project:Risa Hiyama

BabyBumper is a wearable device with a sensor system for pregnant women that can monitor rough external pushes, the kicks of an unborn baby, and the physical communication between a mother and a child. In crowded cities like Tokyo, pregnant women are confronted with many obstacles routinely; such as overly crowded trains or buses at rush hours, overtime working duties, loss of family support and communication, etc. All of these obstacles contribute to mothers' excessive stress in Japan. After several iterations of prototyping, we created a functional prototype called BabyBumper that has the potential to reduce stress and improve the overall quality of life for mothers and their unborn children during pregnancy.


Person in Charge of the Project:Risa Hiyama

DreamDate is a mobile application that has the potential to control who you want to see in your dream. During sleep, people cycle between REM sleep and non-REM sleep. Dream usually occurs during REM sleep and people move their body around frequently. It has been proved by previous psychologists that dreams are affected by the outside stimuli, including sounds. Therefore DreamDate uses the accelerometer sensor built in the smart phone device and identify users' movement. When it detects the movement it assumes that the user has started to dream and releases a voice of the person who user wishes to see in the dream. In close future I will have 20 people use DreamDate and prove the effect, then release DreamDate to the App Store.
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