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Global Security Research Institute

Presentation Group Representative : Heizo Takenaka (Global Security Research Institute)

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Global Security Research Institute (G-SEC)

Person in Charge of the Project:Heizo Takenaka

Keio University's Global Security Research Institute conducts academic research into issues by reading into the world's changes and selecting those that are valid from among the many issues confronting modern society. We tackle various issues confronting modern society, not just those felt on a global scale such as science technology and innovation, energy and environmental issues, safety and security or human security, but also matters that affect lifestyles on the individual level. We go on to provide policy suggestions and conduct research from the perspective of creating objective evaluations.

Reviewing A Quarter Century After The Bubble Burst

Person in Charge of the Project:Heizo Takenaka

This work reviews the 25 years (the quarter century) since the Japanese stock market peaked in 1989. It comprehensively examines the changes that have visited the Japanese economy during this period. Rather than seeing this period as a quarter century "lost," this examination focuses on the theme of a quarter century of "mixed" fortunes for Japan.

Research on Leadership and Negotiation

Person in Charge of the Project: Jiro Tamura

"Leadership and Negotiation" project pursues research on an educational method based on negotiation study results, which encourages problem-solving through dialogue. This project specifically creates an educational program consisting of negotiation study, group dynamics and community organizing to develop non cognitive skills (e.g. interactive communication skill, creativity and understanding of others / other cultures by exercising self-control), which was difficult to educate through traditional educational methods.

Keio G-SEC Reconstruction Leader's Conference - From the "Recovery of the Disaster Area" to the "Reconstruction of Japan" -

Person in Charge of the Project:Jiro Tamura

G-SEC "The Reconstruction Leaders Conference" consists of members who have taken a leadership role in support activities and devoted themselves to reconstruction in the stricken area of Great East Japan Earthquake. The project discussed the ways of leadership and formation of an organization in case of emergency, and exchanged information regarding rescue and support in the stricken area. Transmuting the existing "tacit knowledge" about disaster, restoration and reconstruction into "codified knowledge," the project aimed at creating an effective social system that is applicable in peacetime as well as in emergency, making proposals and widely sharing the idea with the society.

Japan Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)

Person in Charge of the Project:Setsuko Aoki

This project aims to strengthen knowledge about NTDs (neglected tropical diseases), develop human resources and make policy recommendations to control NTDs. It implements various activities such as workshops and seminars to promote intellectual exchange among government officials, scientists and other stakeholders. In addition, through its research and networking function, our research group also performs an important role in promoting international cooperation.

Research Study on Strengthening of an International Cooperative System for Biosecurity

Person in Charge of the Project:Setsuko Aoki

In this project, we aimed to improve bio-security system by solution of the task, which are extracted global health care information. For the solution, we establish think tank with close ties to relevant ministries, institutes and private companies as stakeholder.

Multidimensional Research on Cyber Security Issues

Person in Charge of the Project:Motohiro Tsuchiya

In the age of Internet of Things (IoT), where everything is connected to the Internet, cyber security is becoming one of the most critical issues to be addressed in maintaining a social order. This research project is to analyze cyber security problems in multidimensional aspects while partnering with research institutions in the U.S., Europe and China, and to make policy recommendations for Japan and the world.

Developing a service innovation method based on design discourse

Person in Charge of the Project:Masanao Takeyama

This project aims at developing a method for applying the approach of Design-Driven Innovation originally introduced by Roberto Verganti to designing a new service. In particular, it introduces a procedure to change drastically the meaning of an existing service and then explores the possibility to spread an idea to realize the meaning change using cultural prototyping.

Discovering experience-oriented resources to develop services for local cities

Person in Charge of the Project:Masanao Takeyama

This research aims at developing a new method for experience-based regional vitalization by applying service design that produces opportunities for value co-creation through the integration of both tangible and intangible resources. In particular, it evaluates regional potential resources from the perspective of their experiential values and uses them to design new services for promoting cultural and economic exchange with outside the region.


Person in Charge of the Project:Mitsuhiro Umezu

KEIO-UN PRME Project will conduct practical research of CSR and Business Ethics, which follows the principles of United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education, through the collaboration with businesses, NGOs, governments, international organizations and academia.

It aims to nurture future leaders in the 21st century global community through this tri-sector alliance.
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