Planning number:A08

Takuya Onishi Laboratory

Presentation Group Representative : Takuya Onishi (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)

Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall A08


Person in Charge of the Project:Kosuke Takahashi

"""Prototyping of the Space Habitation Unit""
Foods of the Space depend on transportation from the Earth, and that needs a lot of money. This project aims to resolve the food and energy problem at Space through designing and prototyping of the Space Habitation Unit.


Person in Charge of the Project:Chisato Inoue

"ENERGIRL" is a project conducted by two female university students. We aim to "let girls who are not aware of how they are consuming energy develop an interest in energy saving and actually creating energy themselves." We are creating products that can let girls enjoy the experience of producing energy. The situation in which we expect the product will be used is camp sites. Camp sites are one of the best energy saving spaces. (Specifically, a product that can maintain a comfortable temperature for the human body at night, using the heat energy made by a bonfire. Also, a cooking utility which uses solar energy is among our designs.) Also we are publishing a magazine which consists of our activity and experiment report, and to describe the concept of "ENERGIRL."

Pom-pon cam

Person in Charge of the Project:Kao Muroya

"Pom-pon cam" is a project to give an opportunity to rethink about energy. Today, it is not unusual that children do not question where the energy comes from, and where the energy goes. This exhibition will introduce you how children use energy and how does it works toward family bond.

rethink the clothes

Person in Charge of the Project:Azusa Teruyama

This is the project about the clothes. We couldn't live without the clothes, but they have also a bad image (for example, dress up excessively or consume a great amount of clothes). I try to change that image into good one.

compact device that generates electricity from vibration

Person in Charge of the Project:Atsutaro Ito

We are currently developing a compact device that generates electricity from vibration.
There are two purposes behind this project and the first purpose is to create an opportunity that allows people to think about the energy that they are using every day. The second purpose is to find out how the distribution of energy should be done.
The device converts the energy of vibration into electrical energy through the use of electromagnet. The device lights up when sensing vibration and depending on the type of the vibration, it will light up in different ways. So, the device can be set at dark places like under a bridge where a lot of vibrations happen.
We aim to invigorate local communities with compact generators like this one.

Revenge of Cell

Person in Charge of the Project:Sowki Oka

Next way of using cells - that should be absolutely simple, clean, and economical to use. I can show you. Check it out.
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