Planning number:A26

Fujiya Research Team 2015

Presentation Group Representative : Rika Fujiya (Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care)

Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall A26

Primary health care: For a world without health inequities

Person in Charge of the Project:Tomoko Yatsu

As we are stood on the final year of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), what can we do to make the world become a better place to live safer and healthier? We will challenge to the difficulties that world faces with a different point of view to find out how people all over the world can obtain primary health care equally. We will start to face the reality, study about the issues, and think about how the glob can become a better place to live. We did fieldworks at Sanya, Tokyo, about labors who worked by the day during the period of high economic growth in Japan, maternal and children in Cambodia, and children and women in Palestine to research and think about their health and social issues.
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