Planning number:A17

Psycho-Space Project

Presentation Group Representative : Toshio Watanabe (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)

Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall A17

Mathematical Analysis of Gaze Perception

Person in Charge of the Project:Masaki Mori

Generally speaking, the eye is the window of the mind. Not only function as a sense organ seen anything, but also the eye has a perceptual/recognitive function which is understood focus of attention and emotion from others by being seen. This project reveals that how people perceive others' gaze (gaze perception) from the viewpoints of experimental psychology and mathematical analysis. In ORF2015, cutting-edge frontier research results are introduced about gaze perception in this project and really demonstrated.

Dialogue with space: The study which uses reflection of a mirror and shows the interior widely

Person in Charge of the Project:Takuya Suzuki

The angle of the time vertical at the interior and its eyes when looking up suddenly from the location of the eyeball when being seated is calculated. Coming out of an object of a mirror by the incidence angle to mirror of the eyes and a little angle from which a reflection angle doesn't go direct, crowded of a study of a used deep two-dimensional picture. I can think it's possible to make them mistake so that space may still continue ahead of it by the thing which comes out in a mirror and makes them mistake the depth by the bump, the color, the reflective effect of the light and the subliminal effect of the crowded ceiling.

Burnout of athlete of causes and preventive measures - The relationship between motivation and resilience -

Person in Charge of the Project:Chiho Kiyakawauchi

The burnout, once I think that there is that you have to ear. Not only sports, work or school, but also developed in the medical field, but some people who would have been forced to serious cases suicide. The burnout, motivation and resilience (psychological recovery force) is involved in close to the target, it was hypothesized to be able to prevent burnout by mingle well with these. In this study we focused on the athlete, but creating an environment and to not fall into burnout, and then introduce the motivation of how to make.

The Characteristics of Emotional Cognition of Children with Developmental Disorder

Person in Charge of the Project:Marie Takahashi

Nowadays, the increase of the number of pervasive developmentally-disabled individual has been pointed out. I'd like to consider the Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), considered as a disorder of sociality, from the aspect of their characteristic of emotional cognition since they have difficulty in emotion understanding. Therefore, in this study, I want to find out how children with PDD understand emotion of the others by using Japan-IFEEL Pictures - it is a set of pictures of babies with vague expression on their face- and illustrated pictures of definite face expression, and let the children match them as the same emotions.
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