< Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Sponsor Session > Efforts of Health Sciences toward healthy longevity

    • Tokyo Midtown Tower 4F Conference
    • 11/23(Thu) 13:00 - 14:30
  • room5

The aging of populations worldwide is rapidly accelerating. In Japan, healthy life expectancy (no period of limitation in daily life) is prolonged, but there is a gap of about 10 years between the life expectancy and healthy life expectancy. This problem is also important from the viewpoint of preventing a deterioration in the individual’s quality of life. We would like to have a discussion on this problem with audience and try to make a suitable conclusion for human society in 21st century.


*Updated on (Mon) 20th November 2017:
We are pleased to announce that Gota Miura will newly participate in this session.


  • Hiroo Yamasaki

    Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Haruki Toriumi

    Part-time Lecturer, the Department of Neurology, School of Medicine / Doctor, Shonan Keiiku Hospital
  • Mitsuhiro Watanabe

    Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance / Director, Health Science Laboratory
  • Yoko Yokoyama

    Project Research Associate, Graduate School of Media and Governance
  • Gota Miura

    MIURA DOLPHINS / Project Associate Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance