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Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC), with the notion that dissemination of its achievements to the public is one of its crucial obligations, holds the SFC Open Research Forum (ORF) as the occasion to announce broadly its research outcomes. In this forum, future prospects and results of many ongoing research projects at the Institute are introduced to industries, national and local governments through exhibitions and sessions.

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(Wed) 22nd November 2017

  • 09:30 Open 10:00~20:00
    Exhibition(Hall B1F Venue)Session(Tower 4F Venue)
  • 11:20 Open 11:30~18:30
    Session(Tower 5F Venue)

(Thu) 23rd November 2017

  • 09:30 Open 10:00~18:00
    Exhibition(Hall B1F Venue)
  • 09:30 Open 10:00~20:00
    Session(Tower 4F Venue)
  • 11:20 Open 11:30~18:30
    Session & Contest(Tower 5F Venue)



  • Tokyo Midtown Hall
    Midtown East B1F


  • Tokyo Midtown Conference
    Midtown Tower 4F

Session & Contest

  • International Design Liaison Center(Within Tokyo Midtown Design Hub)
    Midtown Tower 5F

Admission Fee

  • Free
  • Pre-registration NOT required
Please stop by the general reception at the entrance of Hall B1F before entering the SFC Open Research Forum 2017.


Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus / Keio SFC Academic Society / General Foundation SFC Forum



  • Booth Exhibition
  • Poster Exhibition
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  • Sponsor Session
  • Session
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  • High School/University Cooperative Working Group: For the Power to Create the Future - Aiming Towards a Recipe for Practical Education and Network Building
  • Final round and award ceremony of Fab 3D Contest 2017
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Satellite Event

This satellite event was cancelled due to the circumstances of the lecturer.


  • Date
    (Wed) 22nd November 2017
    14:30 Open / 15:00 - 16:30
    The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (Roppongi)
    Participation Fee
    Free / Pre-registration is REQUIRED.
    English (Simultaneous interpretation to Japanese will be available.)

This time, in collaboration with Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the lecture “The Vision of the Netherlands: Open Economies, Inclusive Societies”, which lecturer will be Mr. Marten Cornelis van den Berg (Vice Minister for Foreign Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands), will be held as a satellite event of ORF2017. The moderator will be Norichika Kanie, Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance.


Since the founding of our campus, we have been constantly driven by a spirit of experimentation and a desire to create what has yet to be. Our world is becoming more and more interconnected and new systems are being created one after another. Along with this, however, the issues we face are becoming increasingly complex. In order to tackle unexpected problems, such as disasters or accidents, we strive to use our knowledge in multiple ways to understand their root causes. To this end, we continue to strengthen this spirit and make effort to go beyond what we imagine possible. Fukuzawa Yukichi said that “a scholar’s hypothesis is not always useful in the present moment, but rather in the days ahead.” We continually contemplate and experiment for these days ahead. With reverence for the past, we forge the future here in the now. When it comes to experimentation, it is by welcoming trial and error and not fearing failure that we are able to venture forward. Without haste, we must continue to immerse ourselves into experimentation for our “days ahead.” From genetics to space, large scale experimentation is what defines the diversity at Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC). The spirit of experimentation pervades every corner of our university, through the tightly controlled laboratories, and into our everyday lives. In this way, we at SFC are constantly looking for opportunities to create on a day to day basis.

SFC Open Research Forum is a place where we demonstrate this spirit along with our research. Each and every laboratory displays its unique characteristic and approach. And thus laboratory is the message.

Fumitoshi Kato Chair of ORF2017 Planning Committee / Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

Planning Committee

Chair of Planning Committee

Fumitoshi KatoProfessor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

Fumitoshi Kato (Ph.D., Communication) is a Professor at the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University, Japan. His research interests include: communication theory, media studies, socio-cultural impacts of new technologies, qualitative research methods. He is especially interested in the use of mobile media technologies in the context of place-making and community development. For the past fifteen years, he has been conducting field research in various local communities in Japan, with a primary focus on the notion of "mobile learning."



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