Venue Map

ORF Venue Map

General Reception

  • Midtown East B1F
    Entrance of Hall B1F
Please stop by the general reception at the entrance of Hall B1F before entering the SFC Open Research Forum 2017.


  • Midtown East B1F
    Hall A・B


  • Midtown Tower 4F
    Entrance of Conference

Session & Contest

  • Midtown Tower 5F
    Entrance of Tokyo Midtown Design Hub

Tokyo Midtown East B1F Map

Session & Contest Venue Map

Exhibition Venue Map

Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall

Design Cooperation : TAKAGI SHUTA OFFICE LLC.

Session Venue Map

Tokyo Midtown Tower 4F Conference

Session & Contest Venue Map

Tokyo Midtown Tower 5F International Design Liaison Center (Within Tokyo Midtown Design Hub)