Making the leap into KEIO university-originated startups

Presentation Group : KEIO SFC Future Innovation and Entrepreneurship research consortiumPresentation Group Representative : Katsuhiko Ogawa (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)
    • Tokyo Midtown Tower 4F Conference
    • 11/23(Thu) 10:00 - 11:30
  • room6

Startups based on university research are expected to play an active role in the AI and IoT business.
This session will introduce recent Keio University-originated startups and discuss how to make the leap into startups.



  • Ryu Ogawa

    CEO, Molcure Inc.
  • Ryuichi Suzuki

    President & CEO, AISSY Inc. / Executive Director, Mentor Mitakai
  • Takahiro Mizoguchi

    CEO, Motion Lib, Inc.
  • Kotaro Yamagishi

    CEO, Keio Innovation Initiative, Inc.
  • Katsuhiko Ogawa

    Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies / Director, KEIO SFC Future Innovation and Entrepreneurship research consortium