Session No. : PS-05

Speculative Visions of the Future University—Thinking about the University in the Bright Future

On one hand, we have the bioartist Shiho Fukuhara, a self-proclaimed “biohacker.” On the other hand, we have Kei Wakabayashi, editor-in-chief of WIRED Japan magazine who has given us through print a vision of future society attainable by new technologies. Building upon Ms. Fukuhara’s practice, which is extremely interdisciplinary and can be summed up as “fine art + biotechnology + ethics,” these two, who look ahead to a “bright” future, discuss the type of university we should strive for—what should be taught and who should study there.


  • Shiho Fukuhara
  • Kei Wakabayashi
    Editor-in-Chief, WIRED Japan
  • Daijiro Mizuno
    Assistant Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies