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Presentation Representative : Heizo Takenaka

Person in Charge of the Project : Jiro Tamura

Global Security Research Institute
From the “Recovery of the Disaster Area” to the “Reconstruction of Japan” – the Trial of Keio G-SEC Reconstruction Leader’s Conference

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Three years and a half passed from the Great East Japan Earthquake. Although the efforts to revival are continuously performed in the stricken area, it is coming at the time which must be shifted from the view of the revival from stricken area support and a disaster in the direction in which maintainable regional improvement business is rooted.
G-SEC “The Reconstruction Leaders Conference “discussed how to accomplish the “Reconstruction of Japan”, not just the “Recovery of the Disaster Area”, with members who have the same awareness of the issues from various backgrounds, such as private enterprises, an NPO, educational facilities, a national civil servant, a local civil servant, and a local self-governing body.