SS-05VSP Session

VSP Session by TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD ORF Seaching for the Next Vision beyond SDGs

Presentation Group : TOKYO MIDTOWN
  • 12. Responsible consumption, production
  • 14. Life below water
  • 15. Life on land
Tokyo Midtown Tower 4F Conference
11/23 (Sat) 15:30 - 17:00

Tokyo Midtown holds annually TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD(TMA) Design Competition to support upcoming creators. Each year, the award sets the theme for design ideas based on the vast research on massages sent out from major design and art related events and exhibitions being held in Japan and abroad. In 2019, the set theme was THE NEXT STANDARD in the need of raising awareness towards SDGs, Being ethical, Upcycle, Elimination of disposal plastic. In this session, we will review design ideas that won TMA 2019 Design Awards based on the SDGs points of view and search for the next vision that comes after SDGs which would be required by our society in 2020.


  • Norichika Kanie

    Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance
  • Rumiko Inoue

    Project Director for TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD, Tokyo Midtown Management Co., Ltd.

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