Presentation Group Representative : Takuya Onishi (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)
  • 1. No poverty
  • 2. Zero hunger
  • 7. Affordable and clean energy
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Person in Charge of the Project : Takuya Onishi

One-third of the earth's area is currently devoted to livestock, but there are few new places to cultivate it. Accordingly, production volume of livestock such as pigs and cows has been peaking year by year although livestock are essential protein sources for people to live. Therefore, in this laboratory, we focused on insect as a new next-generation protein source. With the goal of mass production as a mass-produced food as our final goal, we aim to implement a breeding system capable of supplying a large amount of animal protein using means of an architectural design approach, making full use of the energy and environmental benefits of insects.



Person in Charge of the Project : Takuya Onishi

Energy Gift Mini is a support project based on energy and education for non-electrified areas, which account for about 20% of the world population.We delivered a solar lantern that was planned and developed by a university student in Bangkok twice in 2017 and 2018 to the children on a non-electrified island in Thailand that can not study at night because there is no electricity.We did design all platforms such as planning and development of lanterns, design direction of lanterns, and events to be delivered to non-electrified islands.This will lead to the construction of a support program that can be circulated within the country where developed cities such as Thailand and backward areas coexist.



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