The future of the environment by architectural informatics

Presentation Group Representative : Yasushi Ikeda (Graduate School of Media and Governance)
  • 7. Affordable and clean energy
  • 9. Industry, innovation, infrastructure
  • 11. Sustainable cities and communities
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Digital Construction

Person in Charge of the Project : Yasushi Ikeda

From the Industrialized Building System, which is an innovation expected to solve various problems facing the Japanese building and construction industry, by simultaneously making it possible to improve the productivity of the building and pursuing new values and performance of the building at the same time, It is one of the main elements that make up conversion to the information system building system. Specifically, we will improve the productivity of the non-standardized construction method corresponding to the architecture with new geometry, and computerize the construction work for the purpose of enhancing its feasibility, and centering on that We aim to build a system that links design, production and construction.