VSP by Ad-Sol Nissin Corporation The practice of merging physical space and virtual space

Presentation Group Representative : Ad-Sol Nissin Corporation
  • 7. Affordable and clean energy
  • 11. Sustainable cities and communities
  • 17. Partnerships for the goals
Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall A
Booth No.E19


Person in Charge of the Project : Shun Nakayama

At this booth we present TANGIBLE GIS, a platform developed by GeoCPS. We will have an interactive exhibition with participants to consider land conditions (topography), hydraulic conditions (rainfall runoff), and thermal conditions (radiation characteristics of the ground surface) through an improved augmented reality sandbox system that has an attached thermal sensor, developed University of California, Davis. Additionally, the possibilities of implementing object detection technology to access bus stops and stores from real city models will be displayed as well. These technologies have high potentials and possibilities in playing an active part for residents, companies, and governments to work together towards urban development.