ikedaLab/Research Projects on Architectural Informatics

Presentation Group Representative : Yasushi Ikeda(Graduate School of Media and Governance)
Tokyo Midtown East B1F

Research Projects on Architectural Informatics

Person in Charge of the Project : Yasushi Ikeda

Digital technology is rapidly changing the modern society, not only in daily life but also in the production and distribution mechanism behind it, the mechanism for utilizing resources and energy, the mechanism for securing safety and security, all of them It gives us a new challenge opportunity for everything above such as respecting the existence of each other while respecting each other’s existence. Because it is the oldest and fundamental technical accumulation, we are studying as Architectural Informatics as Architectural Informatics to challenge the global challenges facing contemporary society by reviewing this field.



Other Exhibitions


Yoko Hamada Lab

Yoko Hamada(Faculty of Environment)

Survey of microbial communities in urban built environments

Haruo Suzuki(Faculty of Environment )

Meteorology Lab

Yoshiaki Miyamoto(Faculty of Environment)

Junichi Ushiyama Laboratory/Stroke Rehabilitation Experience

Junichi Ushiyama(Faculty of Environment)
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