Satellite Eventサテライトイベント

Final round and award ceremony of Fab 3D Contest 2018

Presentation Group : Global FAB Society Consortium Fab 3D Contest Executive CommitteePresentation Group Representative : Hiroya Tanaka (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)
Tokyo Midtown Tower 5F
11/23 (Fri) 13:00 - 17:30
International Design Liaison Center

Fab 3D Contest aims at finding new ways to make use of 3D printers and discovering new talents. In this session, we have the open final round and award ceremony.
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  • Hiroya TanakaProfessor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies / Director, Global FAB Society Consortium

Executive Director

  • Youka WatanabeRepresentative Director, GLOBAL STEM LEARNING ASSOCIATION, JAPAN / Director, FabLab Kamakura

Category Chairperson

  • Kenji KohiyamaProfessor Emeritus, Graduate School of Media and Governance
  • Akinobu SatoR & D Group, Olympus CorporationShinya Fujii
  • Shinya FujiiAssistant Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
  • Shigeru KobayashiProfessor, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences
  • Yuji Hara Founder, CEO DIGINEL Inc. / Founder, CEO DIGITALARTISAN Inc. /
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