Junichi Ushiyama Laboratory/Stroke Rehabilitation Experience

Presentation Group Representative : Junichi Ushiyama(Faculty of Environment)
Tokyo Midtown East B1F

Human Movement Neuroscience

Person in Charge of the Project : JUnichi Ushiyama

A wide range of research is being carried out, mainly by using neuroscientific methodologies, to elucidate interactions between the brain and body. For example, we are aiming at systematic understanding of neural mechanisms of control and learning of our bodily movements through fundamental physiological research such as rhythmicity and synchronicity evaluation using bioelectric brain and muscular signals. Then, applying those basic researches, we aim to evaluate the brain-body system of athlete and patients with movement disorders, and to develop training methods for nervous system functions. Also, for the interaction between the body and mind, we aim to solve the simple question raised from everyday life by methods combining physiology and psychology.



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