Nakazawa Lab

Presentation Group Representative : Jin Nakazawa(Faculty of Environment)
Tokyo Midtown East B1F

SODA: Social Big Data Platform for Creating Open Smart Cities

Person in Charge of the Project : Jin Nakazawa

We envision Social Big Data World where huge amount of data generated by a variety of sensors are consumed by a huge number of services simultaneously. This project aims at establishing an infrastructural technology that makes the data circulate among consumers, enabling the consumers to integrate, amplify, learn and predict the world from the data. A number of potential applications on it will provide the power of real-time city management with functionalities of, for example, real world event detection/classification, N-dimensional analysis and visualization of cities, and city resources control.

BigClouT: Big data meeting Cloud and IoT for empowering the citizen clout in smart cities

Person in Charge of the Project : Jin Nakazawa

The BigClouT project aims at bringing together resources and knowledge necessary for tackling the smart city challenges by leveraging the results of the ClouT project, which provides the baseline for the BigClouT project. Combining the strength of prestigious institutes from Europe and Japan, ClouT project has already established excellent results based on an IoT + Cloud platform that can collect and store large variety of data. Data can be securely accessed via APIs by application developers who can build applications exploiting a large number of data coming from IoT devices, web sites, mobile applications, etc. ClouT project has performed various field trials in its pilot cities and demonstrated the efficiency of its platform.

OmimamoriNet Fujisawa: An intelligent sensor network based on Wi-SUN FAN

Person in Charge of the Project : Jin Nakazawa

In this study, we develop an OMAMORI terminal used to collect data from humans, things and cities and an OMIMAMORI network for sending the collected data to local authorities or families in order to provide safety services in cities. We deploy and validate such a system in Fujisawa city called OmimamoriNet Fujisawa. In the OMAMORI terminal, various kinds of sensors such as acceleration and image is integrated. These data will be processed with machine learning models to create services in the cloud side in order to establish an intelligent sensor network that provide versatile functions including location esimatin in both daily and emergent scenarios.


Other Exhibitions


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