Session Number:S-08

Mindfulness towards both ourselves and the others.

Presentation Group : Laboratory on Innovative Research and Practices for Nursing

Presentation Group Representative : Hiroko Komatsu (Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care)

20 FRI
14:00 - 15:30 Tokyo Midtown Tower 4F Conference room3+4

Mindfulness has been attracting public attention even in the field of business and education as well as the healthcare recently. We’ll explain its notion briefly and explore the possibility of mindfulness which improves the compassion, happiness and even productivity. Also we’ll let you experience the mindfulness meditation to cultivate the ability to be at the present moment.


Mitsuhiro Sado

Instructor, School of Medicine

Park Sunre

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care

Yuka Takita

Research Associate, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care

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