Planning number:B13

Kuchinoerabu Remote Island Project Collaborative Project of Architecture and Education

Presentation Group Representative : Yoko Hasebe (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)

Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall B13

Kuchinoerabu Remote Island Project

Person in Charge of the Project:Issei Yoshida

Kuchinoerabu Island, which is located at Yakushima-cho of Kagoshima, is the depopulated remote island of 135 people. We found humanity that is almost lost at urban areas in lifestyle of Kuchinoerabu Island and had aimed realizing "the Island Society Lasting to its Remotest Descendants" since 5 years ago, collaborating with islanders. Currently, all islanders were evacuated from the island due to the eruption. So, we set up the "incomplete" laboratory, which absorbs the voice of people and achieves changes day by day, at Yakushima this summer. Not only the islanders but also various people visit the laboratory to know Kuchinoerabu Island, to give their thought on, and to create its future with us.
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