Planning number:A30

Yorizumi Watanabe laboratory

Presentation Group Representative : Yorizumi Watanabe (Faculty of Policy Management)

Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall A30

TPP negotiations and the prospects for the future

Person in Charge of the Project:Chihiro Yoshihara

Yorizumi Watanabe Seminar aims to study 'Law and Politics in International Trade' by learning both theory of trade policy and its practice. In order to do so, we learn multinational negotiations and reality of dispute settlement in WTO. In addition, we study on the trends of major economic integrations.
In this ORF 2015, we would address 'TPP', a gigantic Free Trade Agreement consists 40% of whole world GDP, as the theme. TPP had been negotiated for five and a half years and now it is largely agreed.
We would like to make the exhibit by thinking the terms of TPP agreement, speculation and claim of the 12 participating countries and by bringing looming "Post-TPP" era into our view.
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