Lab on the Force of Information Generated from IoT-covered City

Presentation Group : Regional IoT and Information Force Research ConsortiumPresentation Group Representative : Jin Nakazawa (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)
    • Tokyo Midtown Tower 5F International Design Liaison Center
    • 11/22(Wed) 11:30 - 13:00
  • Liason Center

Regional IoT and Information Force Research Consortium has been converting a large number of people, things and web pages into IoT covering the whole area to collect a large amount of data, intellectually process it and return it to the area. In this session, focusing on experiments currently in progress in Fujisawa city, Kanagawa prefecture, we introduce the data collection technologies used there and the regional IoT data distribution technology, and also discuss cooperation with overseas and the future vision of the cities.


  • 大西啓仁

    経済産業省 情報技術利用促進課 企画官
  • 木村聡

    インターネットITS協議会 事業推進戦略会議 副議長
  • 野毛政利

    藤沢市資源循環協同組合 副所長
  • 福田達夫

    藤沢市役所 総務部 IT推進課 主幹
  • Jin Nakazawa

    Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies / Director, Regional IoT and Information Force Research Consortium
  • Takuro Yonezawa

    Project Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance