Presentation Representative : Takashi Iba

Takashi Iba Laboratory Self Design Project
Self Travel Café


In today’s complex and diverse society, changes have emerged in people’s lives and ways of living. With an environment for creating new frameworks and things, we are able to choose a life with our individual style, leading to various choices in living styles. As a result, each is required to choose, think about, and design a personal way of living. However, some may become confused or lost in creating their lives by themselves because of the unsubstantial one’s personality. In this workshop, participants will reconstruct their personality by activities of facing their own personality. Based on the theory proposed by C. Alexander, these activities include dialogues which promotes participants to gain more discoveries about themselves.


(The) 20th November 2014


Multipurpose creative space amu
1-17-2, Ebisu-nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo