The 5th Smartphone Future Contest

(Sat) 22nd November 2014
14:40-16:40 (including the session part)



Tokyo Midtown Hall B1F Session Venue (Large)


With what form and functions should mobile devices, an indispensable part of our daily lives, evolve from here? What negative aspects of the smartphone should be eliminated, and what positive aspects should be built upon?

We call on students throughout the nation, from elementary school students to graduate school students, to show us what form and what functions the future mobile devices should have. Proposals can be mockups, 3D designs, poster boards, apps, etc.

We hope this contest will showcase the creative minds of the digital natives who will carry society in the near future.

Hideyuki Tokuda, Chair of Smartphone Future Contest Comittee


[Application Details]

“Future mobile phones / media” expressed by any of the following
– “Shape” (Clay, mockup, 3D design, etc.)
– “Function” (Poster, sketch, application, etc.)
– Combination of “Shape” and “Function”
*At the maximum, each 1 work for the Best Award and Judges’ Special Award


[Place Where the Works Are Displayed]

Tokyo Midtown Hall B1F Exhibition Venue P05 (Please refer the floor map.)


[Special Website (Japanese text only)]