Presentation Representative : Takashi Iba

Takashi Iba Laboratory Future Language Project
Future Language: New Methodology for Realizing the Future Vision


In this session, we will introduce the methodology of Future Language and the practices. Thorough this session, we want to think about the potential of Future Language and further activities by using it.
Future Language is a new kind of language that is composed of Future Words to talk about your ideal future vision. By using those words, we can think about the future vision, talk about it with others, sketch the image of it, and prototype the part of it. By doing so, we can realize the future vision.
The methodology of Future Language is now applied to many filed by collaboration of Iba laboratory and UDS Ltd.
The session will include a dialogue session with Mr. Keibun Nakagawa from USD Ltd. and Associate Professor Takashi Iba for further possibilities of Future Language.


(Wed) 19th November 2014


Kasumigaseki Building 18F, 3-2-5 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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About Future Language (Takashi Iba)
About Practice Examples of Future Language (Mr. Keibun Nakagawa from UDS Ltd.)
Talk Session “About Further Approaches and Possibilities of Future Language” (Mr. Nakagawa x Iba)