Session No. : SS-03

< NPO Family Business Network Japan Sponsor Session > New adventure for the next century. Joint succession of the centenary business by the brothers.: IWABUCHI YAKUHIN Inc.

Succession is the most critical point to divide development and decline of the Family Business. Many issues such as education for successors, inheritance taxes and ideal shareholdings are needed to be examined carefully. Managements should generate the time to assess these issues and make crucial decisions. Successors must understand the importance of the vision of former top management and make effort to be recognized from both inside and outside the company as the competent next leader. Business succession is an eternal theme for all the family businesses. For those who hand the button and who receive it, dealing with this turning point diversifies but is crucial.
We welcome you to our discussion session with Iwabuchi Yakuhin Inc. which has been running for 100 years as wholesale of medical supplies. The topic of this session is “The Road Map of Next 100 Years. The Plan for Joint Succession of the Centenary Business by the Brothers.”


  • Yasuaki Iwabuchi
    President, IWABUCHI YAKUHIN Inc.
  • Takuma Iwabuchi
    General Manager, IWABUCHI YAKUHIN Inc.
  • Yuki Iwabuchi
    Project General Manager, IWABUCHI YAKUHIN Inc.
  • Yoshinori Isagai
    Professor, Faculty of Policy Management
  • Himiko Ito
    Senior Visiting Researcher, Keio Research Institute at SFC