藤井進也研究室 x-Music Lab

x-Music Lab

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藤井進也研究室 x-Music Lab
x-Music Lab

本エクス・ミュージック・ラボ(x-Music Laboratory)では、多様な文化・芸術・学術領域を横断・乗算(= Crossing, X)しつつ、音楽の起源や普遍性、応用性を探究し、まだ確固たる名称のない、未知なる次の音楽文化(= neXt Music)を創造・開拓することを目的として、研究・アート活動を行っています。メンバーが各々の研究テーマを持ち、思索を促すために時空間を自ら選定しながら音楽体験を生み出すことで、音楽の実践的研究を試みています。

The x-Music Laboratory (x-Music Laboratory) conducts research and artistic activities to explore the origins, universality, and applicability of music while crossing and multiplying (= Crossing, X) diverse cultural, artistic, and academic fields, and to create and pioneer the next unknown music culture (= neXt Music), which has not yet been firmly named. The members have their own research themes and are engaged in research and artistic activities. We attempt to conduct practical research on music by creating musical experiences while selecting our  own space-time to facilitate contemplation.

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