The future of SFC Spirits

Presentation Group : the professors and students form Creation of SFC SpiritsPresentation Group Representative : Hiroya Tanaka (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies)
  • 17. Partnerships for the goals
Tokyo Midtown Tower 4F Conference
11/22 (Fri) 15:30 - 17:00

After SFC SpiritsOpened in 1990, SFC celebrates its 30th anniversary soon. At SFC, we call our students Exchange students from the future and have always fostered the sensibility and spirit that open up a new era. Then, before the 30th anniversary, a class called Creation of SFC Spirits started this year, and the SFC spirits of each of the 14 graduates was told to new students. This time, we received a baton of SFC Spirits from graduates, introduced the activities of the students who started with the class. And the graduates and the current students talk about the prospects for the 30th anniversary of the next year and the future.



  • Hiroya Tanaka

    Professor Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
  • Takashi Iba

    Professor Faculty of Policy Management
  • Acci Baba

  • Masatada Kobayashi

    CWO (Chief Well-Being Officer) at Rakuten, Inc
  • Kumi Imamura

    Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation Katariba, Representative Director
  • Kotaro Watanabe

    Context Designer at Takram
  • Takuya Matsuo

    Creative Director at 17Junana Inc.

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