Narukawa Lab

Presentation Group Representative : Hajime Narukawa (Graduate School of Media and Governance)
  • 12. Responsible consumption, production
Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall A
Booth No.E06


Person in Charge of the Project : Keita Okazaki

Gomokudana or five-stage shelves is a cooperate work with Tanseisha. It can storage objects of five different sizes. We designed it beautifully so that it can match our laboratory. It looks simple from the outside, but each shelf has different thickness and structure.

SDGs Dice Project

Person in Charge of the Project : Yumi Awashima

We created a dice with 17 faces. We used a logo for SDGs and created a new shape which has 17 surfaces. The shape and the dice will be used in various events. By adoptting in ORF, we can experiment the usability of the design.


Person in Charge of the Project : Kai Takeda

Narukawa Lab has been working on Mirai Koso Camp every year. It is a place where students who have interest in art can meet our SFC art education. Let's make a bridge which can hold 500ml pet bottle with a sheet of paper. The time limit is two hours. This project enables high school students to have imagination about designing.