Sponsor Session
SS-04Sponsor Session

<Sponsored Session by Odakyu>Discuss Mirai Field -The new mobility society towards the future-

Tokyo Midtown Tower 4F Conference
11/22 (Thu) 15:30 - 17:00
Since starting a discussion on IoT and new mobility, that enabler have been the chain of economy and technology for many years. However, Odakyu and SFC propose that philosophy towards the future is another enabler of creating new mobility society. With respecting the history of deploying the quadruple track service and the internet, two parties will drive Mirai Field research.


  • Yoshihiko Shimooka

    Managing Director, Corporate Stragegy & Planning Division ODAKYU Electric Railway Co., Ltd
  • Masashi Hisatomi

    General Manager, Management Stratey Department ODAKYU Electric Railway Co., Ltd
  • Jun Murai

    Dean, Graduate School of Media and Governance / Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
  • Masaki Umejima

    Project Associate Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance

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