Proto-City: New city development by SFC

Presentation Group : Next Generation Campus Village Creation ConsortiumPresentation Group Representative : Jiro Kokuryo(Faculty of Policy Management)
Tokyo Midtown Tower 4F Conference
11/22 (Thu) 12:30 - 14:00
When SFC is established, SFC faculties and Fujisawa City were studying the development of a new town, centered on SFC. Its intensive discussion concluded the plan for the town development and preservation at SFC area – Report on Campus Village Concept- (March 1992). In 25 years have passed, SFC has successfully created Proto-Campus. However, Proto-Town has not been realized. In this session, the leaders of industry-government and academia will discuss the future of Proto-Town, based on the experience of realizing Proto-Campus with the faculties and students in SFC.


  • Yoshisato Asaba

    Vice Governer, Kanagawa Prefectural Government
  • Tsuneo Suzuki

    Mayor, Fujisawa City
  • Norihiro Suzuki

    Chief Executive Director, Shonan Keiiku Hospital
  • Jiro Kokuryo

    Vice-President / Professor, Faculty of Policy Management / Director,Next Generation Campus Village Creation Consortium
  • Yoshinori Isagai

    Professor, Faculty of Policy Management
  • Yasushi Ikeda

    Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance

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