Let’s be active! Sit less and move more for a healthier world.

Speakers : Yuko Oguma
Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall
11/22 (Thu) 13:50 - 14:05
Strong evidence shows that physical inactivity increases the risk of many adverse health conditions, including major non-communicable diseases such as coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and breast and colon cancers, and shortens life expectancy. Because the proportion of inactive people is enormous, promoting physical activity should be a high-priority public health issue. Also, promoting physical activity can contribute to 13 of SDGs (17 global goals for sustainable development). Before the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, what we can do, and what we should do for the next decade. There are things I want to tell as many people as possible, including the results obtained through “”Fujisawa Plus┬ĚTen project,”” which we are engaging in with Fujisawa city. Please come by all means.


  • Yuko Oguma

    Associate Professor, Graduate School of Health Management & Sports Medicine Research Center

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