Miki Akiyama Lab

Presentation Group Representative : Miki Akiyama(Faculty of Environment)
Tokyo Midtown East B1F

Observing 100-year-life's Health and Hapiness through Gerotranscendence

Person in Charge of the Project : Ryu Noda

This project is the study which considered how a concept as Gerotranscendence was being returned to Japan. I point at the concept as It is a shift in meta-perspective from a materialistic and rational view of the world to a more cosmic and transcendent one, normally followed by an increase in life satisfaction that Tornstam where old transcendence is a Swedish sociological person rises in an advocated old period. Of the state which is a heart with Gerotranscendence as the keyword and brains common to an expensive senior citizen of euphoria, they work and a community is based on multilateral consideration, and a living habit of eating habits, my friend and the family are looking for the secret which is being well and is spending a year happily.


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