Kan Suzuki Lab

Presentation Group Representative : Kan Hiroshi Suzuki(Graduate School of Media and Governance)
Tokyo Midtown East B1F

Social Producers in the Next Society

Person in Charge of the Project :

Our displays show the importance of social producers in a world after the modern era. We also touch on how Suzukan lab students develop through project based learning. There will be information on the results and achievements of each project on our website.
The easels represent the flow of time according to the changes in value, and the limits that the systems in our society have, including distribution and pragmatism.
For each easel, we created collages out of photographs and newspaper articles to express iconic moments in history.
As you progress your way to the modern era, you can observe the changes of intertwining information as it becomes more complex with time.
The panel in the middle expresses time after the modern era, or ‘卒近代’, a word coined by Professor Suzuki.
Explanations on how students train and prepare to become social producers (Methods to decide PCCP through project based learning, curriculum including open discussions, etc.)
A message explaining the overview of our display(A copy based on overview of original plan)
In the middle, we show projects that began among lab students (Present slides using iPad or provide printed copies beforehand)
For an even closer look at students’ activities, we also have QR codes available. Please feel free to scan and access our online website.


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