Japanese Language and Multicultural Inclusive Society Lab.

Presentation Group Representative : Yumi Sugihara(Faculty of Policy Management)
Tokyo Midtown East B1F

Keio SFC Japanese Language Section

Person in Charge of the Project : Tomono Takao

We exhibit both our research outcomes on Japanese language education and our efforts to support learning at Keio SFC. SFC Japanese section offers not only Japanese language courses but also learning opportunities for students with different cultural backgrounds. Students can also receive support from TAs (teaching assistants) and SAs (student assistants), whereas TAs and SAs are given opportunities to see their communication skills objectively through joint activities such as Japanese tutoring session. Also, the Japanese section provides a learning environment to learn disaster prevention and reduction in multicultural inclusive society.


International migration and Chinese Heritage language Education

Person in Charge of the Project : Chengcheng Zhang

As globalization processes, migration is increasing. Heritage language education is a problem common to second generation of immigrants. In this research, I observe cases of conversations of Chinese families that are multilingual and multicultural, and clarify the reality of language use through analysis of their use of multiple languages. I will consider language activities of first and second generations depending on languages, cultures, nations, and ethnicities to understand how their identities and individuals response to constructing languages. I would like to discuss the  necessary abilities in Chinese heritage language education for Chinese second generations living in Japan.


Iconic Architecture and Lived Experience: Heritage Movements in Sites Facing Demolition

Person in Charge of the Project : Estelle Rust

The concept of heritage is constantly evolving along with our increasingly connected world. Heritage has become a cultural asset to encourage tourism, as well as to foster particular ideas about societies. In this research, I examine aspects of our recent past, their intentions and motivations, and how they have remained physically in the form of two buildings facing the threat of demolition: the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo, and the Sirius Building in Sydney. By investigating the experiences of locals, the communities involved, and the tourists that ascribe cultural value, this research seeks to question the construction of ‘heritage’, and establish the importance of lived experience in our conceptions of ongoing social connections.


When Multiethnics Become a Part of a Whole

Person in Charge of the Project : T. Koike

I am researching about multiethnic identity raised in Japan and their experience within society. By understand their struggle with their identity, we can understand how the multiethnic people in Japan reach their fullest potential. Through interviews and field works, the aim is to investigate the reasons for their similar struggles despite the members having different ethnic backgrounds. My goal is to identify the struggles of people that are mixed backgrounds and how to coexist with others within society.



Other Exhibitions


ikedaLab/Research Projects on Architectural Informatics

Yasushi Ikeda(Graduate School of Media and Governance)

The new era by genome analysis

Kazuharu Arakawa(Faculty of Environment)

Global Environmental System Leaders Program (GESL)

Yasushi Kiyoki(Faculty of Environment)

Meteorology Lab

Yoshiaki Miyamoto(Faculty of Environment)
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