Hello, we are SFC TOUCH LAB

Presentation Group Representative : Masashi Nakatani(Faculty of Environment)
Tokyo Midtown East B1F

TOUCH FAB: Joyable Haptics

Person in Charge of the Project : Masashi Nakatani, Ph.D.

FAB is the lab for facilitating digital fabrication concerning body perception (haptics and tactile feelings). Combining the basic level of engineering, behavioral science, and psychological study, we implement haptic technology in real life in multiple contexts. We also conduct fieldwork study including hands-on workshop facilitation on social implementations of haptic technology.


TOUCH SCIENCE: Haptics Neuroscience

Person in Charge of the Project : Masashi Nakatani, Ph.D.

The objective of TOUCH SCIENCE is to analyze haptic phenomena in our daily life. We answer questions raised in daily living using physiological measurement or haptic feedback technology. Research topics also include the development of tactile displays using perceptual phenomena (tactile illusions and cross-modal effect) that can produce haptic feelings. Latest research topics are: Perceptual psychology, affective psychology, developmental psychology and cognitive haptic sciences, as well as social psychology.



Other Exhibitions


Hajime Narukawa Laboratory

Hajime Narukawa(Graduate School of Media and Governance)


Fumitoshi Kato(Faculty of Environment)

Miki Akiyama Lab

Miki Akiyama(Faculty of Environment)

Miraisouzoujuku SBC 3rd and 4th construction projects

Shohei Matsukawa(Faculty of Environment)
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