Session Number:S-19

Why Japan needs SFC for its change? – Exploring the nature of Japan’s conservatism –

Presentation Group : Shinichi Ueyama lab

Presentation Group Representative : Shinichi Ueyama (Faculty of Policy Management)

21 SAT
12:30 - 14:00 Tokyo Midtown Tower 4F Conference room6

SFC is famous for its innovative mind. This fact, however, implies that the Japanese society is very conservative. Experts explain that Japanese conservatism derives from island nation mentality, agriculture society or single race society. Adding to these, we believe that various thought imported by foreign religions have been deeply affected mentality of the Japanese. Japan has selectively imported religious thought and formed its unique culture around the core of Shintoism and The Emperor system. In this session, we will uncover how Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity affected our way of thinking and behaviors. And we will probe the way to change Japan’s conservatism. We will explore these structures by presentation and interactive discussion with the audience.


Shinichi Ueyama

Professor, Faculty of Policy Management




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