Session Number:S-17

Words for a Journey: How to support living well with dementia

Presentation Group : Iba Laboratory

Presentation Group Representative : Takashi Iba (Faculty of Policy Management)

21 SAT
10:30 - 12:00 Tokyo Midtown Tower 4F Conference room7

This session presents how to support living well with dementia, for people in caregiving and other medical fields, people working with municipalities and other government agencies, people involved with Family Associations, NPOs, and volunteers in the field, industry leaders, and educators. We introduce “Words for a Journey,” a pattern language for living well with dementia, and hold a workshop for utilizing it. After that, we discuss toward dementia-friendly society.


Makoto Okada

Senior Manager, R&D Strategy and Planning Office, FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD.

Masahiko Sato

Author of the book "What I Want to Tell You as a Person with Dementia"

Kikuko Ota

Professor, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care

Takashi Iba

Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Management

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