Session Number:S-03

Lifestyle and prevention of cognitive decline

Presentation Group : Graduate School of Health Management & Study Group of Physical Activity and Preventing Cognitive Dysfunction

Presentation Group Representative : Yuko Oguma (Graduate School of Health Management)

20 FRI
10:20 - 11:50 Tokyo Midtown Tower 4F Conference room7

The importance of lifestyle habits, including diet and physical activity, in the prevention of dementia is reviewed. What do we need to do now for the health of body and mind, focusing on health and longevity? From a long-term point of view, what kind of support at the community level is necessary? We will hold discussions, based on research cases developed by each speaker.


Toru Takebayashi

Dean, Graduate School of Health Management / Professor, School of Medicine

Masaru Mimura

Professor, School of Medicine

Yasumichi Arai

Assistant Professor, School of Medicine

Miki Akiyama

Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

Yuko Oguma

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Health Management

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