contestSmartphone Future Contest

Contest Overview

The 6th Smartphone Future Contest

21 SAT
15:30 - 17:30 Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall openA

Students are invited to challenge their creativities with ideas to make the future world brighter, livelier, and easier through the use of next-generation smartphones and innovative mobile media at The Sixth Smartphone Future Contest.
The popularizations of smartphones and smartwatches have paved way for an array of mobile media that come in all shapes and functions, among them wrist watch type and eyeglasses type devices.
Into what shapes and functions should future mobile media evolve so they accompany and support us around–the–clock?
And how should smartphones evolve so that negative sides are eliminated, at the same time maximizing positive sides?

Mock-ups, 3D designs, posters, applications, and various other forms representing the ideal shapes and functions of future mobile media are accepted from elementary school through graduate school students from all over Japan.
The works of those who pass the first round of screening and reach the final stage will be displayed at the ORF venue, and presentation by the finalists, final judging, and presentation of awards will be held. We are witnessing a new information society being created by a new generation. Please visit The Sixth Smartphone Future Contest and feel the potential creativities of the Digital Natives.

Hideyuki Tokuda

Chair of Smartphone Future Contest Committee / Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

Application Details

“Future mobile media” expressed by any of the followings
  • “Shape”… To design shape (Clay, mockup, 3D design, etc.)
  • “Function”… To explain function (Poster, sketch, application, etc.)
  • Combination of “Shape” and “Function”
*At the maximum, each 1 work for the Best Award and Judges' Special Award

Place Where the Works Are Displayed

Tokyo Midtown East B1F Hall
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